Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes For Bass & Remixes

Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes For Bass & Remixes


  • Quasimodo 1:31
  • Perplex 5:12
  • Bedwood 5:19
  • Gangster 5:39
  • Just Another Minute 1:15
  • Arabic Cat 4:38
  • Leave It Alone 4:57
  • Veneered 5:43
  • Glorification Chant 5:54
  • Logdrum 4:11
  • Splash 3:39
  • Will & Skip 2:09
  • Glory 3:17
  • Daze 3:22
  • Pass It Around 1:19

Bonus Tracks: Remixes

  • Logdrum (Sherwood Remix)
  • Anthem Remix
  • Leave It Alone Remix
  • Arabic Cat Remix

Dude Records DR104

Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes For Bass & Remixes

Dude Records DR104

(19 Tracks - 78:57 Minutes playtime)

The echo beach subdivision Dude Records proudly presents the re-release of the original On-sound release in 1999. Dude Records is able to show up the ultimate version with new remixes of the mega blast hit tunes.

Words cannot describe how much there is to discover. From the incredible vocals of SUSSAN DEYHIM in 'Arabic Cat' to DOUG's one man band in'Just Another Minute'. 'Veneered' is a flashback to MARK STEWART's 'As the veneer of democracy starts to fade' (1985) ....!

Doug Wimbish is perhaps the most controversial bass player around. Some even call him the 'Hendrix of Bass'. His name never really hit the 'big boards' before he joined LIVING COLOUR. The list of collaborations with 'the great on this earth' is sheer endless and incredibly wide ranged: MICK JAGGER, SEAL, ANNIE LENNOX, DEPECHE MODE, JAMES BROWN, HERPALBERT (coproduction for his last album), just to name a few. For 'Trippy Notes For Bass' the 'Singers & Players Of Love' are joining together featuring the musical minds, power and spirits of TALVIN SINGH, BERNIE WORELL, WILL CALHOUN, SKIP 'LITTLE AXE' McDONALD, KEITH LeBLANC, ALEX FOSTER (from the Saturday NightLive Show !) and dubmixer ADRIAN SHERWOOD.

FILE UNDER: Electronica / Jazz / Ambient / Dub

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